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All rules are to be adhered to, all staff to be listened to, or you will be removed from the premises without a refund. Please read fully!

Rules specific to the CRUCIBLE SOCIAL HOUR:
If you have any issues, at any time, for any reason. Let a staff member know. Our goal is to provide you with the safest atmosphere possible.

  1. No cell phones, cameras or recording devices of any sort are allowed in the main club area, including any type of smart phone, ipad, tablets of any brand. Cell phones may be used in the lobby area only.
    1. With the latest technology, it's just a matter of a few seconds and one or two clicks on these devices to take and post videos and pictures to social media websites. We take our and your privacy very seriously. Please remember to not pull out your phone to text anybody, or check your calendar, or email, or... anything. Please understand when we ask you to immediately put away said item if you've forgotten this policy.
  2. Normal BDSM scene etiquette is required. Do not interfere with a scene. Do not touch anyone or anyone's gear without permission. When in doubt, ask.
    1. Always respect a persons personal space. This includes getting too close to "scene's". We want you to watch and enjoy, but be mindful of your distance and eye contact.
    2. No means No, and consent is the number one key to BDSM. If you have not gotten consent to touch or play then get it first. If you do not get consent, respect the other person, or you will be asked to leave.
  3. The house safe word is RED for stop, and YELLOW for caution. Because of the nature of the CRUCIBLE SOCIAL HOUR, two closed fists is consent, one open hand is caution, and two open hands is the signal for stop.
    1. "SAFEWORD" spoken loudly by ANYONE in or near a scene is acknowledged as a request for immediate outside attention. A the CRUCIBLE SOCIAL HOUR/Crucible staff member or Dungeon Monitor will intervene in a scene only if s/he hears the word SAFEWORD and the scene is not stopped.
  4. While we do have a bar, BDSM and drinking do not mix.
    1. Please have all consent conversations, and play while sober.
    2. If you do imbue alcohol and decide to play, you MUST inform the person you intend to play with.
  5. Any play or scene that could be considered high risk must be approved by a the CRUCIBLE SOCIAL HOUR/Crucible staff member prior to starting the scene. Any high risk scene that does not receive prior approval is subject to be stopped.
  6. Medical or blood play is permitted in the medical play area only. Medical play, piercing, cuttings, needle play or other types of play intending to open the skin or cause blood are permitted only in the medical play area.
  7. There is a safe smoking spot directly out the side, instead of out front. Please use it as a courtesy to the non smokers, and to our neighbors.
  8. Cleaning supplies are available throughout the Dungeon. All equipment should be cleaned after use. Chux or stretcher sheets are available.
  9. Crucible staff and all Dungeon Monitors must be obeyed. If you notice someone who seems to be unaware of scene etiquette or who is violating the rules, please notify a the CRUCIBLE SOCIAL HOUR/Crucible staff member.
  10. Neither the CRUCIBLE SOCIAL HOUR, The Crucible, nor any agents, successors or assigns of any of the foregoing shall be liable to any attendee for injury to person or property incurred as a result of attendance at this event.

The CYRENAICS (which hosts the CRUCIBLE SOCIAL HOUR) has an ethics board that reviews any issues that apply to our events. A permanant ban will be imposed on those who cannot abide the rules or are deemed unsafe for the common good. Such decisions are made by our ethics board that be contacted VIA EMAIL. If you feel like you've had a consent issue we should know about please email us so we can look into is ASAP. On-site this includes any staff of either THE CRUCIBLE or the CRUCIBLE SOCIAL HOUR

Crucible Rules (These are also outlined HERE for the venue.):
Members are expected to follow all Crucible rules. The Crucible reserves the right to remove any person, without refund, who violates the Crucible rules.

The Crucible supports both Safe, Sane and Consensual (SSC) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) ethos in regards to all BDSM play. Anyone who chooses to participate in activities at The Crucible recognizes that there are risks that people choose to do in scenes. Each member must evaluate their own risk level. by learning - ask questions; ask a dungeon monitor & seriously evaluate your own tolerance for risk with your partner.

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